Sunday 28 December 2008

Hezbollah to Gazans: You Are Not by Yourselves

The head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council Sayyed Hachem Safieddine confirmed on Saturday that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were not standing by themselves.

Speaking during a protest in Southern Suburb of Beirut against the Israeli barbaric massacres, Sayyed Safieddine addressed Gaza residents saying, “You are not alone in this ordeal and the coming days will prove that the right that Gaza people are defending will obtain victory.”

His eminence compared the current Gaza aggression to the Lebanon Second War in July 2006, saying “the decision is American taken in the White House, the Zionist machine is executing and the collusion is Arab that has paved for this aggression.”

Sayyed Safieddine addressed the people of Gaza telling them thae they, along with the resistance, would achieve victory “as we did in 2006”, adding “you (Gazans) will stay in the victorious position.”

The head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council said that more cohesion and awareness for what the enemy thinks are required in this stage… The Israeli military machine the killed Gaza residents was moved by a political decision however, his eminence added, this decision doesn’t show that the Israelis, Americans and some Arab collaborated countries were in a good state, on the contrary they are lost.

Sayyed Safieddine concluded his speech saying that despite the grief and sadness that we feel towards every Palestinian child, woman and man yet in the future “the victory will be huge because it is God’s pledge and God’s pledge is going to be fulfilled.”

Meanwhile, Hezbollah issued a statement on Saturday confirming that Israel is committing an Israeli war crime and genocide against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, saying that this calls for an instant move by the international community and its institutions, and especially the United Nations and the Security Council considering their suspicious silence a clear collusion with this aggression.

The statement added, “The condemnation language adopted by the Arab countries and their league is not capable of covering their shameful stance anymore, since allowing to block the Palestinian people is considered a participation in the siege instead of supporting this people in the whole civil and military fields to make them capable of deterring the aggression.”

Hezbollah concluded its statement saying that the nation is called for a strict stance and to exert its maximum capabilities against the barbaric Israeli aggression, under the US auspices along with the international community.

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