Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Israel Recruits Bloggers to Combat 'Anti-Zionist Websites'

The Zionist entity seems to engage into a new kind of war: the electronic war against the "anti-Zionist" websites.

In this context, the Immigrant Absorption Ministry announced on Sunday it was setting up an "army of bloggers," to be made up of Israelis who speak a second language, to represent the Zionist entity in "anti-Zionist blogs" in English, French, Spanish and German.

"During the war, we looked for a way to contribute to the effort," the ministry's director general, Erez Halfon, told Israeli daily Haaretz. "We turned to this enormous reservoir of more than a million people with a second mother tongue." Other languages in which bloggers are sought include Russian and Portuguese.

Halfon said volunteers who send the Absorption Ministry their contact details will be registered according to language, and then passed on to the Foreign Ministry's media department, whose personnel will direct the volunteers to Web sites deemed "problematic."

Meanwhile, hackers managed to take over the Web site of Israeli Radio on Sunday. Clicking on one of the Website's tabs brings up a message condemning the war in the Gaza Strip and calling for Israel's destruction. The message is decorated by the image of a burning combined Israeli and U.S. flag, and pictures of Palestinian children injured during the war.

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