Thursday 1 January 2009

'Fatah marks Hamas targets for Israel'

Hamas has accused Mahmoud Abbas' senior aides of spying for Israel in recent Israeli raids on the Gaza strip, The Independent says.

Hamas spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum, on a movement's website and in remarks broadcasted on al-Jazeera, said that Fatah had formed a cell with the purpose of contacting various Fatah followers in Gaza to collect information on secret Hamas locations and on the whereabouts of the leadership.”

The cell was under the leadership of a senior Abbas adviser, Tayeb Abdul-Rahim, and information gathered would be passed on to Israel 'through the channels of security co-operation with the enemy,' The Independent quoted Barhoum as saying.

According to the reports, Hamas said that the former Fatah leader in Gaza, Mohammed Dahlan, whose forces were defeated by Hamas in June 2007, met Israeli intelligence officials several weeks ago to discuss Israeli plans for a strike on Gaza.

Fatah leaders have denied the accusations.

Source: Press TV

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