Tuesday 13 January 2009

The Children

Jack Hirschman.

This tremendous curse against the murderers of Gaza was written by New York born poet Jack Hirschman, who has spent a life on the barricades against the establishment, and whose work is a unique blend of Marxism and Jewish mysticism.

Jack Hirschman is the best known alternative poet of the United States. Unlike his beat generation colleagues and friends - for example Allen Ginsberg - he chose political revolution over the pre-hippy lifestyle.

Hirschman's poetry is much more than an outburst of righteous indignation.

It is an original blend between blue collar blue collar American speech, violent, yet thirsting for justice, and a reflection on the Qabbalah, which in its turn draws its inspiration on a merge between the Jewish and the Neoplatonic tradition. Comment by Miguel Martinez.


all over will remember
their legs their arms,
the amputated spaces
will be Nothing [1] branded
into their little souls,
never to forget, Israel
you shattered their vessels [2]
with your gunfire, shit on
the word, said fuck you
to the fetus in the womb.

You - not they - pissed on
your own wholly unholy
tetragramaton, its letters
a fraud and a fake.
I wish I could feed you
hand grenades in your mug,
I want to stuff dead children
into your eyes, lovers of learning lies.

May selah [3] be broken
in your mouth, may amen
never find chapter and verse,
may your food turn into
the gangrenous limbs of the
children you've felled,

those little trees of sparks.[4]
You've killed David over
and over, you star of death.

[1] The ayin of the Qabbalah.

[2] A reference to the klipot or "husks" of the Qabbalah.

[3] A reference to a Jewish prayer, as is amen here

[4] The "sparks" of the Qabbalah.

Source, Miguel Martinez's blog Kelebek http://kelebek.splinder.com/post/19555677/Maledetti+gli+assassini+di+Gaz

Jack Hirschman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Hirschman

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