Wednesday 24 December 2008

Israeli Prison Bans Visits to Palestinian Prisoners

The families of Palestinian prisoners revealed that the management of the Israeli Ofer Prison has decided to deny them visitation rights. The decision was made following the weekend clashes that raged in the prison, resulting in the injury of 16 inmates.

The Israel Prison Service (IPS) stated Tuesday that visitation rights were revoked from inmates involved in the rioting and attacking of prison guards, while uninvolved inmates would be allowed to continue receiving visitors.

The inmates stressed the riots were provoked by the guards, who beat one of them during a routine search. The prisoner's friends then resisted the search, and the clash ensued.

The father of one of the prison's inmates, a resident of Ramallah, told Ynet that Red Cross officials had telephoned a number of families registered to visit and told them that the prison's management had decided to cancel the appointments.

He said his son had informed him that a number of inmates were seriously injured, and that some of them had suffered head injuries. He said the IPS had canceled visitation rights to prevent the public exposure of the injuries.

The father added that a number of families were planning to demand that an attorney visit their loved ones in order to determine the status of their health.

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