Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Israeli blitz wounds 4 including child

Israeli air strikes on the besieged Gaza strip have wounded four Palestinians including a child, Palestinian security sources and medics say.

Israeli helicopters hit eastern Gaza City on Sunday night with two air-to-ground missiles, wounding three Palestinian resistance fighters and one child.

The sources said Gaza residents heard two huge explosions after two Israeli helicopters which were hovering over eastern Gaza City fired two missiles at Sheja'eya neighborhood near the border between eastern Gaza and Israel.

Israel has escalated its attacks against the Palestinians in the Gaza strip since Friday when an Egyptian-brokered truce between the two sides expired after six months.

On the expiration day of the truce, Hamas announced that it would not accept to extend the ceasefire, saying Israel had not observed its commitments under the deal including easing its blockade on the 1.5 million Gaza residents.

In response to the Israeli attacks, Palestinian fighters fire home made rockets at Israeli towns.

Israel has threatened to launch a major military strike against the coastal strip to halt the rocket firings.

Palestinian children crying over the dead body of one of their playmates killed in an earlier Israeli raid.

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